Monday, January 30, 2012

Government & Industry Meeting

Transportation Research Center Inc. (TRC Inc.) recently attended the 2012 SAE Government and Industry Meeting in Washington, DC, from January 25-27. The event was held in conjunction with the Washington Auto Show and the purpose was to provide an open exchange of ideas with automotive industry participants.

With a focus on energy conservation, environment, and safety, the technical sessions consisted of 19 various industry topics including:  crash avoidance; crashworthiness; child safety; biomechanics; biofuels; electric drive; driver distraction; natural gas and other alternative fuels; light-duty fuel economy and regulations; and much more.  There were 14 different exhibitors, including a booth from TRC Inc.

TRC Inc. employees who attended the show are pictured from right to left:  Paige Duff; Jeff Sprague; Kelli Young; and Milt Dunlop.

Monday, January 23, 2012

TRC Inc. Board Changes

The Transportation Research Center Inc. (TRC Inc.) Board of Directors would like to acknowledge the retirement of two Board members; Ms. Greta J. Russell and Mr. C. John Easton.

Ms. Russell, University Controller at The Ohio State University, has served on the Board since January 2002.  Mr. Thomas Ewing, Interim Controller, will replace Ms. Russell on the TRC Inc. Board, effective January 2012.

Mr. Easton, Chairman (retired) Honeywell Sensotec, has served on the Board since December 2004. As of this date, a replacement has not been named for Mr. Easton.

We thank Ms. Russell and Mr. Easton for their service to TRC Inc. and are pleased to welcome Mr. Ewing to the Board.

Pictured left to right: Mr. Rick Gildow (TRC Inc. President), Ms. Greta Russell, Mr. John Easton and Dr. David Williams (Dean, College of Engineering).